PosTrack Europe AB

PosTrack was found in 2008 as a Track&Trace company for powerless assets such as semi-trailers, containers and other assets needed a battery powered GPS tracking solution.
During 2013 our first own GPS tracking device was launched with battery capacity of up to 7 years and very rugged design. Our pTag 1.0 has been celebrated on the market for its toughness as it never break.
In 2019 a new GPS tracking device was designed by our R&D department the starting point was to bring all the learnings over the years we have had from the pTag 1.0 product.
A new Internet of Things strategy was launched with the full focus on digitalization of industries such as recycling, construction as well as transport & logistics.
During 2020 our first sensor-based solutions will be launched as well as our new pTag 2 program.

PosTrack Europe AB want to be your transformation partner, when your organization begin the journey of digitalization let us be there and be your trusted partner on that journey.

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