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Frequently Asked Questions

Empty Question that we hide

Empty Question that we hide

I am unable to edit my pTags

Only users with Admin right have the access to edit units. If you are unsure of your access level you can contact Postrack Support who can check for you.

What do the colors of the units on the map mean?

The colours of the units are meant to give a quick overview of if units are in movement or not.
Unit is in movement = Green
Unit is stopped or parked = Blue

I am unable to see all my units on the map.

The default setting is to show up to 200 units on the map.
Under the menu tab Setting/ Show Units on Map Screen you can increase or decrease the number of devices visible on the map.
Take in consideration that a high number of units shown on the map can effect the loading time.

Where can I change the default language

Under the menu tab Settings/Select Language you can change the default language.
Currently the languages available are Swedish, English and Dutch.

Can I change what section is first shown when logging in to the customer web?

Under the menu tab Settings/Default Page you can change the startpage

My unit has stopped and parked but it does not report now although we have settings to report every 30 minutes

Often the devices settings for the reporting frequency are different if the device is in motion or stationary.
For example, it is common for a unit to report every 30 minutes when moving and every 24 hours when they are stationary.
If you are uncertain of what settings your units has or want to change the settings, please contact Postrack Support for assistance.

We need a new account for the customer web

If you need a new account please contact Postrack Support.
You need to provide the information:
– Name and email address for the new user.
– If the new user should have admin or only user access, alternatively if they should have access just to specific groups.

Requests for a new account must be done by someone who already has a Postrack account.

When trying to login I get an error message that my account is locked.

An account can be locked after repeated failed login attempts. To unlock the account please contact Postrack Support.

I have forgotten my password.

You can either request a new password directly though the customer web by clicking on “Forgot You Password?” or contact Postrack Support.
Your new password will be sent in a email to the email address registered to your account.

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